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Kelly Clarkson Answers All the Haters with “Mr. Know It All”

They said she was done. They said she was “too fat” or “all washed up.” Guess what? She’s neither. What a perfect comeback to answer all her haters.

I’ve loved Kelly since the very beginning, since she first appaered on American Idol. I knew she’d win from the very beginning. That was the last time I cared about Idol. As far as I was concerned, she WAS the American Idol. And for a little while, she really was. She’s beautiful and talented. This isn’t to say we haven’t gotten other good talents out of Idol; Jordin Sparks and Daughtry (even though he didn’t win). But Kelly to me is the greatest Idol ever. And I’m glad she’s gotten herself back in the game (that is, on the charts.)

A lot of people didn’t like her video. It wasn’t the greatest music video ever, no, but it was just great to see Kelly again. “My Life Would Suck Without You” was the last time we saw her, and hell, she had to cancel a tour because they couldn’t sell tickets! But it’s not all her fault. The fame wore her down, and it happens very, very often, to a lot of stars. People don’t seem to appreciate what it takes to be a star, and a lot of people said Kelly just didn’t have it.

Well, I can’t wait for her to claw her way back up there. As much as I love Katy and Gaga, I would love to see Kelly make a name for herself again. God bless you, Kelly!


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