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Happy Birthday, Tegan and Sara!

September 19, 2011 1 comment

Happy Birthday, Tegan and Sara!

Today is a very special day, Tegan & Sara Day! That’s right, today is their 31st birthday! It’s too bad that September 19th is also the first anniversary of a very sad day in my own life. I won’t go into details in such a public space, but needless to say, their music really helped me to get back on my feet.

I’ve been a fan of Tegan and Sara since November 2009 when I first heard “Hell” off of their latest record, Sainthood. But it wasn’t until I saw them live in Boston on February 13, 2010 that I truly fell in love with them. As much as I loved their music, (in fact, I love pretty much 99% of their stuff) seeing them live made me realize just how incredible they really are. A lot of people harp on them for not being that talented, but those people are blind, because I’ve seen for myself just how fantastic they are live. OK, maybe they’re no Muse or U2, but hey, they are who they are, and they’re fantastic. Their “banters” make them even more endearing. How many bands do you know that are purposely that intimate with their fans? There are a few certainly, but none with the staying power of Tegan and Sara.

I suppose the biggest thing I need to say is thank you. Thank you, Tegan and Sara for unashamedly being awesome; that is to say, yourselves. Sure, they’re nowhere as flashy and dramatic like Mother Monster, but they have their own chill, down-to-earth way of making beautiful music. Their lyrics are touching, and for some reason, seem to fit all too perfect very difficult moments of heartbreak in my own life. They are the soundtrack to my life now, and today, I’m going to play through their whole discography, as I’ve done many times before. Whenever I need comfort, I know Tegan and Sara will always be there for me.

Happy birthday, my darlings. Here’s to many, many more!